Stay Safe

Beware of TOUTS

Touts who ply for business late at night and plague every big city in the world. All will claim to offer the very best price and to look after you personally.

They won’t. Some will not have the correct insurance, some will just rip you off with an inflated fare. As you are being lured into what is effectively a stranger’s car, there is also the risk of being mugged or attacked..

Book your Cab online or via our phone App – never through someone on the street.

Make sure they check your ID

When a Cab arrives, ask the driver for his/her name to check that it is the same as the one you were given. Also ask him/her what name the cab is booked in; crooked drivers will often pull up and pretend that they are the Cab you’ve booked, but they won’t know your name.

Check the car

Is the Cab clean and well presented? If it isn’t, then you should refuse to get in; a poorly maintained car could be a sign that it isn’t roadworthy, while a professional driver will always do their best to make a good first impression.

Sit behind the driver

If you are travelling alone, always sit directly behind the driver. This makes it almost impossible for him to overpower you and it also places you away from the kerb, making it harder for anyone to open the rear door from the pavement to snatch your bag. If you chat to the driver – Never give out any personal details.

Get out if you feel uncomfortable

Pay him/her the full fare and then get another Cab. Better to write off a few pounds than to continue when you feel unsafe.

Call for help

Always keep the telephone number of a familiar contact at hand. If you feel uncomfortable and can’t get out of the cab then call that number immediately.

Never share a cab

It’s tempting to accept a stranger’s offer to share a Cab to cut costs, but this is a mistake. Your fellow passenger may well be in league with the driver, leaving you vulnerable to being robbed.

Have your keys ready

Finally, always have your house keys to hand when you arrive home. That way you aren’t left fumbling around for them after you’ve paid the driver, leaving you alone and vulnerable outside your residence.